About Sean....

Sean's primary focus is teaching, training and competition.  He is very dedicated to his students and is an excellent teacher and clinician.   A tremendous all around horseman, his "horse first" mentality has created many successful partnerships through the years.  

Sean started riding at age 12 in Maryland. His competitive drive and passion for horses have always been key motivators in his life and continue to drive him to constantly improve his horsemanship and riding skills. Sean has been riding at the advanced level of eventing since he was 20. He has accomplished multiple top placings at international competitions throughout the years and has been selected for the US Training list as well as being selected for the US Developing Riders Team multiple times. Sean has had a wide range of riding experience including being Assistant Trainer to David O’Connor, hunting professionally for Orange County Hunt, training steeplechase horses for Bay Cockburn, training horses to Level 7Jumpers, and training horses for young event and dressage horse championships.

He attributes his successful training and teaching philosophies to the tremendous teachers he has had throughout his career (both two and four legged).  Of the two legged variety these include but are not limited to:  Jimmy Wofford, Phillip Dutton, David O’Connor, Mark Phillips, Stuart Black, and Bay Cockburn. Sean currently works with Jimmy Wofford, Phillip Dutton, and Karen & David O’Connor.




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