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Sean and Kendra McQuillan are life-savers and sanity-keepers. My horses are my family, and the care we receive at McQuillan Equestrian is unparalleled in any arrangement I have previously known. So too is the McQuillan’s understanding and support of all aspects of managing a professional equine operation while simultaneously maintaining a friendly and family oriented drama-free barn atmosphere. If that weren’t enough, they enable development and transitions of both horse and rider with keen understanding of each as individuals. For example, I would not have the courage to bring my first OTTB, Pocomoonshine, along as an event horse without their training and horse management experience nor would I have survived the transition of my beloved upper-level event horse to retiree status without their help and continual oversight. I’m never keeping my horses anywhere else.
— Sharon Odenkirk
Sean is one of the most talented riders of his generation. He rides a wide range of horses well and is capable of riding at a very high level. His instruction is clear and always suitable for the level of his students.
— Jimmy Wofford
I have known Sean for many years, and from the beginning he impressed me as a gifted rider with natural ability. He is very dedicated to his horses, and his kindness and talent reflects in their partnership. I coached Sean for many seasons, and know that he not only possesses the skills necessary, but also often goes above and beyond the standard. This is required to be competitive at the top levels as a rider, trainer and coach. As an Individual Olympic Gold Medalist and professional in the horse industry, I believe Sean to be an extremely talented rider and trainer whom possesses all the qualities and character needed to be a “household name” in this sport. I enthusiastically recommend Sean as a horseman and rider because of his talent, ability and dedication to the sport of Three Day Eventing.
— David O'Connor
In less than two months of training board at McQuillan Equestrian, Sean and Kendra improved my horse’s disposition, not only in the barn, but also in the ring. Sean’s insight and awesome abilities in the tack bring out the best in his rides. Kendra’s management, and equally fantastic training, only further enhance Sean’s magical abilities to resolve and eliminate poor habits. Sean has a unique talent with horses that allows him to extract and highlight a horse’s skills and athletic abilities so that it can compete at the highest level in the jumper, hunter, or eventing forums. The McQuillans are phenomenal horse people who care for your horse as if it is their own. I live in DC and can only make it to the farm on the weekends. Because of my absence, if something comes up I find that I am constantly telling Kendra, “I trust your judgment.” I am not sure there is anything more a horse lover could ask for.

— Jesse Martin
When my young, strong 16.2 hand 5 year old WBx decided he was all grown up and it was time to show Mom a thing or two I turned to Sean and said “HELP!”. It wasn’t just attitude work that was needed, I was having trouble helping him balance and handle that big body of his. Sean took a great deal of time to understand I was looking for as well as what the horse needed. HIs training program is impressive. Sean insists that a young horse’s mental health is as important in training as it’s physical development. Ring work, lounge work, jumping, hacking out and pulling hills...these were all part of a well-rounded program. I watched as my horse developed more muscle definition behind and thru his topline. The “front end heaviness” disappeared replaced by a much more balanced frame and steady rhythm all while developing a great work ethic! Thank you Sean!!!
— K Kennedy
Sean has helped me over the years with numerous horses and endless “obstacles”. Whether it is my degree of collection, “feel” for a jump or an endless list of sports psychology issues, Sean has worked tirelessly to guide me through the never-ending training process. He is extremely gifted at communicating techniques and understanding the issue through the eyes of the rider. Having been catastrophically hurt on a young warmblood, Sean not only helped me conquer my fear, but he has taught me how to use the situation as an opportunity to strengthen and expand my riding ability.
I have trained with Sean for years. His philosophy and guidance have never steered me wrong. He has consistently made my well-being and that of my animals’ his top priority, while never losing sight of our goals and pursuits. He has guided me to success and helped me gain from defeat.
Over the years, I have seen Sean and Kendra grow both their business and their family (human and equine!), and I consider them both very good friends. I am a very focused rider, and I take every minute in the tack as a training opportunity. Sean holds me to that standard and drives me even further. I believe he gets as much satisfaction from the success of his students as he does with his own mounts. I am always excited to be a member of the team!
— Madeleine Wickwire-Friend